Office of the Superintendent

Welcome to the Dinuba Unified School District web-site. Dr. Hernandez

The vision of DUSD is to become a high performing school district.  We will do this by improving our student achievement and closing the achievement gap. 

We have an urgent situation.  First we have a moral imperative to provide the best education possible for all of our students.  Cultivating Excellence means that we need to prepare all of our students for their future; whether they choose post secondary education or entering into their chosen profession after high school graduation.  Specifically, they need to have strong English and math skills to be productive citizens in today's world.  We must empower each student to succeed in life.

The second reason has to do with our status as a Program Improvement District.  Remaining in Program Improvement will incur the possibility of a number of sanctions from the State Board of Education.  This is not an option for DUSD!

Our district has adopted an Instructional Action Plan which serves as our roadmap to success.  We will use:

  •  Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI)
  •  Response to Intervention (RTI2)
  •  Data to guide instruction
  •  Focus on results in a collaborative environment
  •  Researched based strategies
  •  Professional development & support systems for our teachers   

Additionally, we are implementing the Nine Essential Program Components for increasing student achievement.  They are:

1.  Use of the State Board of Education (SBE) adopted (K-8) or standards-aligned (9-12) English-language arts and mathematics instructional materials, including intervention materials.

2.  Instructional time (adherence to recommended instructional minutes for reading/language arts and mathematics [K-8] and high school access to standards-aligned core courses)

3.  Participation by principals in instructional leadership training (Assembly Bill 75 on SBE-adopted instructional materials)

4.  Fully credentialed teachers and teacher participation in AB 466 training on SBE-adopted instructional materials.

5.  Student achievement monitoring system (use of data to monitor student progress on curriculum embedded assessments and modify instruction)

6.  Ongoing instructional assistance and support for teachers (use of content experts and instructional coaches)

7.  Monthly teacher collaboration by grade level (K-8) and department (9-12)

8.  Lesson and course pacing schedule (K-8) and master schedule flexibility for sufficient numbers of intervention courses

9.   Fiscal support

We have high expectations for all of our students, staff and leaders.  Despite economic shortfalls and uncertainties, we will continue to provide a high quality education for all of our students.

We need to find a way or create one.


Joe Hernandez, Ed.D.